Jennifer Simmons, Tallahassee, FL


"While I had a sound business plan already in place, I didn't have the legal background to protect my Tallahassee business when a competing business objected to the name of  my company. Anneli's expertise as an attorney helped me develop a business structure that safeguarded my interests and worked for me long-term."

Robin Stein, Miami, FL


"I am deeply grateful that I had Anneli to help me untangle the legal issues surrounding my mother's estate. Anneli's clear and direct advice made all the difference to me as we finalized my mother's probate estate and helped me better understand my own estate planning needs. I highly recommend Anneli Nystrand, she is a excellent lawyer!"

Patricia E. Havana, FL


"Thank you so much to Ms. Nystrand for helping me sort through all my estate planning options to find the one that felt truly right for me."

Kathleen Shea, Ocala, FL


"When I really needed an excellent lawyer in my corner, Anneli was there to assist me. Her ability to work on my case in order to get the results I needed was nothing short of exemplary."